Reebok – Never Look Back

Never Look Back came from a concept Alan (founder/director) had been toying with for many years just waiting for the right project. We wanted to show the full Reebok 4 season catalogue running range, but only shooting in a few weeks. Through our connections we have crew placed globally giving us the ability to shoot in ALL major countries without having to fly any crew or equipment. We only send a box of the required clothing and accessories to one of the many global destinations (Sydney, New York, San Francisco, Chamonix, Tenerife, Somerset, London, and Spain). Our crew shot the talent and sent back the box with a hard drive of content for us to cut together. For this project we produced the main video year & seasonal cut-downs.

“We had a lot of fun working on this film with Holster; the ideas expanded as we went through the process. Here, Holster came up with an idea in order to show the products off in an interesting way. They put together the talent and logistics which brought all the elements needed to make this film exciting and interesting to watch.”- Christin Kenny | Creative Director/Executive Producer