Reebok – I Run

Our brief for this project was to show how this small affordable treadmill fits nicely into any family home. We wanted to change the normal way of presenting this feature and thus, decided that using a nature documentary sound track, and A ‘David Attenborough’ -style voice-over and a cleaver script would give us the ability to make a “sales”-video without letting the audience feel like they are being sold to. This video was used both online and as a TVC.

“We approached Holster films with the brief to showcase the Irun Treadmill in a way that showed it could be used by all family members and easily stored in a family home. They developed an idea that met the brief and more. The creativity and talent they brought on board for this project was expectational. We always have great fun working with the Holster team.” – Christin Kenny | Creative Director/Executive Producer