Reebok – Sound of Combat

“Showcasing combat equipment range without overzealous physical interaction” was the brief from Reebok. Drawing on inspiration from stomp and other sources, we wanted to show off the Reebok combat range using the sounds made from the gym and the Reebok equipment. Setting up in the iconic Repton Boxing Club, we recorded the sound and visuals from the equipment using varying speeds and rhythms of punches/kicks from our talent. To build the track we used a composers to put the rhythm together, once this was in place, we matched the visuals to the sounds.

“This is still our favourite project we have worked on; Holster films came up with an idea that suited the product and sport. We continue to get excited about this video and working with them on it was a breeze. They are very keen to meet the requirements needed in order to sell the product while keeping it on-brand” – Christin Kenny | Creative Director/Executive Producer